JojobaJojoba is used in many essential oil recipes and is known to be very balancing. Because of this it’s great to use on all skin types including acne, inflamed skins as well as dry skin.

Jojoba has anti-inflammatory properties making it a useful addition to blends for arthritis and rheumatism. It is very stable giving it good keeping properties, therefore a good base to use for making aromatherapy perfume recipes and also for reed diffuser refill recipes.

You can find more information about Jojoba here.

New Reed Diffuser Recipe

New Reed Diffuser Recipe

With the New Year brings a fresh motivation to do those little tasks that never seem to get done. For a few months now, I’ve been meaning to refresh my reed diffuser jars which have all dried up and I’ve been wanting to try a new reed diffuser recipe to do this.

Previously I have used Jojoba along with vodka and essential oils to refill my diffuser jars however a good quality Jojoba oil can be expensive when you have a few reed diffuser jars that need refilling. So for a change I decided to use Dipropylene glycol.

Dipropylene glycol is used as a base for many commercial cosmetics and skin care and I wouldn’t usually use it for aromatherapy recipes, however for a reed diffuser base I believe it has no nasty side effects. I would avoid it in natural skin care recipes however.

The benefit of using Dipropylene glycol in this case is it’s cost effectiveness so I wanted to test it out and see whether it is just as effective as a base for my reed diffuser refills as Jojoba.

I’m pleased to say it’s worked a treat. I made up two refills last week and since then have noticed the beautiful aromas permeating throughout the house. My husband has even requested I make one up for his office!

So here’s the recipe I used:

Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser Recipe

  • 12-16 drops Essential Oils
  • Dipropylene glycol (fragrance grade – DPGF)

You will also need a reed diffuser jar and the reeds. If you don’t already have the jar, the best type is one with a narrow neck. You can purchase the rattan reeds online or from a craft shop.

Simply fill your jar about 75-80% to the top with the Dipropylene glycol. Add your chosen essential oils and mix well so the essential oils are dispersed effectively into the base. Add the reeds to the jar and stir gently if you have enough room, if not gently shake the jar.

You can turn the reeds at this stage or you can leave them as they are and the mixture will eventually makes its way up the reeds to diffuse the scent.

Turn the reeds weekly to refresh the aroma, gently shaking the jar at the same time.

Essential oil suggestions

Uplifting blend

  • 5 drops Basil essential oil
  • 5 drops Lemongrass essential oil
  • 5 drops Rosemary essential oil

Relaxing blend

  • 4 drops Geranium essential oil
  • 4 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • 4 drops Petitgrain essential oil
  • 4 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

The blends above I used for the different areas of my home. The uplifting blend is perfect for my office and the relaxing blend for the living area which is upstairs so neither aroma interferes with the other.

For an alternative recipe using the Jojoba as mentioned above please see the Reed Diffuser Refill Recipe.

Reed Diffuser Refill Recipe

My good friend Diane has been asking me for months for a reed diffuser refill recipe. You may been in the same situation as Diane and have bought a reed diffuser from the shop some time ago which has now dried up and needs refilling. Rather than purchasing the synthetic ingredients, try this recipe to make your own reed diffuser refill using pure essential oils.

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