Aromatherapy Gifts ebook

Ever Struggle To Find The Perfect Gift?

Do You Want To Be Able To Create Memorable, Personalized Gifts For Your Friends And Family?

This beautiful 38 page ebook will give you plenty of great ideas and show you how you can make special and original presents.

  • Never be short of ideas again when it comes to giving gifts.
  • Why spend lots of money on presents when you can make your own?
  • Save the environment by using natural ingredients, many of which you already have in your home or garden.
  • Ensure your gifts never get thrown in the heap of unwanted presents!
  • Your friends and family will always look forward to receiving your unique and specialgifts.
  • Always have a stash of useful last minute gifts.
  • Something for everyone and every season
  • So many great recipes, you’ll want to keep some of these gifts for yourself!

Aromatherapy Gifts ebook

The recipes in this ebook are an accumulation of years of research, including much trial and error! Now you can benefit from mistakes I’ve made along the way that have helped me to narrow down and create the very best recipes and are now compiled into this inspirational, easy to follow guide. Your friends and family will soon see the results as you enjoy the art of creating your own gorgeous gifts to give to them.

In these times of chemical beauty treatments, room fragrances and household products, Aromatherapy Gifts is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the word! Learn how to create natural products to enhance home, health and beauty, and how to make the most memorable gifts.

Just some of the recipes in this ebook include scented candles, herbal bath bags, geranium soap balls, aromatherapy perfumes, potpourris, simple soap, stretch mark oil for pregnancy, homemade elderflower syrup, beeswax furniture polish, perfumed bags, aromatic bath salt, and much, much more.

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