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The Directory of Essential Oils – book recommendation

The Directory of Essential Oils by Wanda Sellar is a book I’ve had in my bookshelf for over 17 years. That fact that my copy is dog-eared and stained with essential oils proves how much I’ve used it and referred to it over the years.

I’ve always found it to be a wealth of information as it contains valuable insights into so many of the popular as well as not so popular essential oils.

I’ve often referred to it when I’m making blends for my aromatherapy diffuser, natural skin care products and even simple room sprays. It provides useful knowledge about which oils blend well with others and their many properties and their effects on mind and body.

What I especially love is the way the author has researched the history of each essential oil and myths that surround their beginnings.

If there is one book you ever buy on aromatherapy and essential oils this is most definitely the one I recommend the most.

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Aromatherapy In Your Diet – book recommendation

In this aromatherapy book, ‘Aromatherapy In Your Diet’ by Daniele Ryan you will discover the therapeutic benefits of everyday foods. This book contains many recipes, menu suggestions and food ideas so you can enjoy the health benefits of aromatherapy without using essential oils.

Daniele lists over 100 beneficial foods, which can have immediate healing effects. These range from herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary and mint to fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds and cheeses. As well as giving the nutritional breakdown of each food, she describes its therapeutic uses and suggests delicious ways of including it in your cooking.

‘Aromatherapy In Your Diet’ also includes a section which looks at the 12 systems of the body and how to maintain the health of each of these systems.

An excellent purchase for anyone interested in aromatherapy and in improving their health through their diet.

Eating these foods delivers their unique healing and health-giving properties straight into your body where they can begin to work immediately.

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Aromatherapy Supplier

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